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About Quote Bot Content

At Quote Bot, we want to help you find and buy the right life insurance for your situation, without needing to speak to an agent. We strive to give you well-thought-out, well-informed, and transparent information so you can make informed buying decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

We give you information and instant price access that few websites will (if any). We show you instant and actual pricing (called a quote), and we allow you to customize this quote to your liking right there on the screen without having to start over. We also provide well-thought-out solutions that allow us to do the work for you in figuring out how much life insurance you need.

Editorial Process

Scott Karstens, the Founder, and CEO of Quote Bot, is responsible for all the content on quote-bot.com, along with our content team. We follow the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics, and in some cases, our own proprietary information and data may be used to write about a company or product. The information presented comes from our collective personal experiences, industry data, customer feedback, and opinions.

Occasionally, we may consult with experts to provide insight into a topic if we feel it adds value to your experience and learning.  When third-party experts are consulted, we thoroughly validate their professional experience. Our goal is to ensure they are fully qualified to provide commentary on the topic.

Before publishing any article, our articles go through a review process before it is ultimately published for your benefit.  This process keeps us from publishing mistakes and keeps the most relevant content in front of you.

Sources and Citation

Content appearing on Quote-Bot.com may include data from the following sources:

  • Third-party websites: We regularly link to articles on external websites to provide further clarification and validation for the topic at hand. We will also consult third-party websites for research purposes, such as review articles.
  • Third-party experts: Occasionally, we consult with professionals not employed by Quote Bot to provide insight into a topic if we feel it adds value to your experience and learning.
  • Internal company data: We occasionally cite internal statistics, given our past experience as well as our current quote, application, and claims experience in this industry. We may also conduct consumer surveys and mention the said survey(s) results in certain pieces of content.
  • Insurance industry data: Data from industry-related groups such as the Insurance Information Institute (III), National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) will sometimes be cited to supplement our commentary.
  • Government data: We may also use government data sources from departments such as Bureau of Labor and Statistics, longtermcare.gov, Social Security Administration and United States Census Bureau.

Regardless of the source being used to provide further reference to a piece of content, we will always correctly give proper credit to the contributing author.

Subject Matter

We write about subjects related to life insurance and the life insurance planning process. This content may reference investment and/or tax planning, but we do not provide investment, tax, or legal expertise. We write each article to address a particular need or topic so we can help you make educated decisions about buying life insurance.

Referenced Material

Every article or post that refers to statistical information will come with a reference. We have verified these references for their accuracy as part of our review process to make sure they are relevant to the topic and come from credible sources.

Customer Reviews

Various portions of our website will display actual reviews from Quote Bot customers. We utilize Google My Business for reviews and we publicly view and reply to these reviews. After each customer’s quote or finalized application, we invite them to leave us a review of their experience. Whether good or bad; all customer reviews are visible on the Google My Business website.

Fact Checks and Reviews

Articles and Posts are reviewed and fact-checked by members of our editorial team, when needed, we use outside sources including certified financial planners, certified public accountants, and licensed financial advisors. This additional level of review ensures that:

  • Articles use the most accurate facts and figures
  • Third-party sources are suitably vetted
  • Advice given aligns with Quote Bot’s Mission.

Updating, correcting, and deleting articles and posts

We regularly review and update existing articles. It’s common for insurance carriers to change their rates, applications, and underwriting. We have also had a more frequently changing regulation and tax environment which causes change. This may mean we will delete articles that become obsolete over time.

Since we have people writing our content, which means it’s subject to the occasional mishap. While this is rare due to our review process, it’s possible we could make a mistake. When we become aware of an error, we promptly update the content to remove the erroneous information.

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Transparency and Privacy

How We Get Paid

A common question we receive is “how do you get paid?”. The answer is that the Insurance Companies we work with create products such as 10 year term, 20 year term, 30 year term and so on.  We get paid by the insurance company for distributing the product (making it easy for you to buy the product) and for servicing you once you have bought a product. This payment does not change the pricing for your insurance and it’s not something that can be changed. All insurance operates this way. We get paid the least on 10 year term insurance, and we get paid the most on 20 year term and 30 year term insurance. We strive to provide the best information and resources for you to make sound decision regardless of what we make for the product you purchase.


Quote Bot is an independent insurance agency and is not affiliated with any company. We do represent these companies for compensation and these earnings are at no additional cost to you, and they do not influence editorial content and we only recommend products we love. We may make references to products or services from one or more of these Insurance Companies.


Quote Bot is licensed in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., either directly as an Agency (QB Insurance LLC) or through our Founder, Scott Karstens. Privacy is also an important concern of ours. We do not sell your information to any third party, To learn how we use information to better serve you, please see our privacy policy.

Questions about this page? Email us at editorial@quote-bot.com

Why work with quote bot?

We simplify the insurance quoting and application process without sacrificing your freedom of choice. You see what an agent would see, there is no hidden information. Then you can make decisions on your own, apply, and receive an instant decision all in less than 10 minutes.

Fast Quoting Process

Our quoting process takes about a minute to complete and view your quote. We also instantly update your quote with any changes you would like to see, without having to start all over!

Instant Decision Underwriting

For many, you can go from our quote to a completed purchase in less than 10 minutes! Our Instant Decision process keeps you from having to wait around to see if you qualify.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality and well-planned solutions no matter how big or small your need is. Our solutions will bring you from concept to completed purchase in minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nuestro proceso y nuestras soluciones están diseñados para ayudar a eliminar la necesidad de hablar con un agente. Pero sí, puede hablar con un agente si lo desea. Puede utilizar la función de chat de esta página o llamar y hablar con un agente.

Our process and solutions are designed to help remove the need to talk with an agent.  But yes, you can speak with an agent if you like.  You can use the chat feature on this page or call and speak with an agent.

El impago de una prima es un asunto importante que hay que tener en cuenta y, afortunadamente, existen programas que le ayudan a recibir una notificación en caso de impago. Normalmente, dispone de un periodo de gracia de unos 30 días para efectuar el pago. La compañía de seguros le enviará un correo electrónico, pero también puede enviarle correo en papel, para informarle del problema de pago y darle instrucciones sobre cómo resolverlo. Si no efectúa ningún pago durante el Periodo de Gracia, tendrá que volver a someterse al proceso de suscripción para mantener su cobertura.

Missing a premium is an important thing to know about and thankfully there are programs in place to help notify you if you do miss a payment. Typically you have around a 30-day grace period to make your payment. The insurance company will email you but may send you paper mail, making you aware of the payment issue and giving you instructions on how to resolve it. If you do not make a payment during the Grace Period, you will have to go through underwriting again to keep your coverage.

Si tiene entre 18 y 50 años y solicita una prestación por defunción de hasta 1.000.000 $, o si tiene entre 51 y 65 años y solicita una prestación por defunción de hasta 500.000 $, es posible que no necesite someterse a un examen. Cuando presenta una solicitud fuera de esas edades o prestaciones por defunción, se le exige un examen médico. No te preocupes, te ayudaremos a organizarlo. Estos exámenes son obligatorios (si son necesarios) para que la compañía de seguros pueda comprobar si cumple los requisitos y el importe de la prima.

If you are age 18-50 and applying for up to $1,000,000 of Death Benefit, or ages 51-65 applying for up to $500,000 of Death Benefit, you may not need an exam! When you apply outside of those death benefits or ages, you are required to have a medical exam. Don’t worry, well will help arrange that for you. These exams are required (if needed) so the insurance company can verify your eligibility and your premium amount.  

Decisión instantánea significa que le comunicaremos inmediatamente (posiblemente hasta en 90 segundos) si ha sido aprobado o no, si necesitamos más información, si ha sido rechazado o si necesita un examen. No hace falta esperar mucho para obtener respuestas.

Instant decision means that we will let you know immediately (possibly up to 90 seconds) whether or not you are approved, if we need more information, if you were declined or if you need an exam. No need to wait around very long for answers.

Nuestro proceso de Decisión Instantánea tarda 10 minutos en completarse para la mayoría. Algunos son más rápidos, otros más lentos. La buena noticia es que una vez que haya terminado de rellenar su solicitud, le daremos las respuestas al instante o en un plazo de 90 segundos más o menos. Es rápido.

Our Instant Decision process takes 10 minutes for most to complete. Some are faster, some are slower. The good news is that once your done with your application, we give you answers anywhere from instantly or up to a 90 second wait or so. It’s Fast!

No. Nos esforzamos por ofrecer una solución que le permita ir de principio a fin en cuestión de minutos sin necesidad de hablar con un agente.

No. We strive to provide a solution that allows you to go from beginning to end in minutes without the need for speaking to an agent.

An Agent-Less Process

Life is busy, and most people don’t have the time to buy life insurance the traditional way. We get it. So we’ve made it possible for you to quote, customize and buy life insurance in less than 10 minutes without needing an agent.